arousing-dissonance replied to your post “Goes to bed upset scared and angry tbh.”


You stop that.

Goes to bed upset scared and angry tbh.



"There’s obviously a difference between wanting to be romantically engaged with someone and wanting to be sexually engaged with them… But curiosity could definitely be a thing. I guess there’s no harm in trying it out."

"Does romance include cute things such as hand holding, kissing, and cuddling? Because those sound nice. Sex- I’m still iffy on. But those things would be nice."

What did that make her? Uh… uh… well. Maybe she should leave labels for another day.

"I just need to know if what I’m experiencing means I actually am attracted to women or not. How do I find out?"

"If you get angry, stay silent.

      — Prophet Muhammad SAW (via thexpotent)



"Really? Huh. Brains are a weird thing, huh?"

Kyoko didn’t mind. She couldn’t get Ayu laid or offer any actual life experience, but she’d can offer emotional… sympathy? At least.

"Yeah. I’m confused, because I think I might like being with a woman… but I’m very sexually attracted to men."

"I don’t understand how my mind or body works anymore."

Why do people even like her? She’s such a selfish cunt, and that stupid… she’s not even a soul! Why does no one care? And why won’t anyone listen?

UGH!! Fine. If no one wanted to listen to her, she’d just shut up. About everything.



"-The way you worded it, it sounded like… nevermind."

"… You know, I have been pretty curious what it’s like with a woman as of late.”

TMI? Maybe. But Kyoko might be able to help her. She was an expert, right?

"It’s the same thing as spanking a woman, I would imagine."

"… I’ve never spanked anyone before, Kyoko-san."

[/distant shunsui voice ‘spank me ayu-chan!’]

"I don’t know the first thing about spanking a man."